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A Guiding Light


Wife, Mother

My family and I have been struggling with the painful experiences, circumstances, and trauma that come as a result of living with and trying to support a family member battling alcoholism. We have sought out professional counseling services, have attended al-anon meetings, and joined support groups. During this time, I personally was struggling considerably with finding ample expertise, guidance, and encouragement that could really speak to our specific situation. As a wife of an alcoholic and mother of young children who were living through the roller coaster of this disease, I felt overwhelmed by a constant mix of emotions, trying to decipher how to best support my husband and his treatment, yet preserve the well-being of my children and of myself. I am forever grateful for the immense support I found through a member of the PEP team. Her deep expertise and ability to educate on this disease and the impacts to all involved, strength in her conviction, and counseling, allowed me to see beyond the cloud I was living within and begin to progress in the most healthy way possible. Words can not express how much I recommend this group and the support they offer to those experiencing addiction and the rippling effects and damage it creates for everyone involved. My family and I are forever changed for the better as a result, and the peace of mind that comes knowing the PEP team is there with expertise and support and it’s a phone call away offers a constant guiding light.

Lessons From Learned Experiences


Wife, Mother, Friend

My son is an addict.  It is a lonely and helpless situation that plagues my family day and night.  I have a good friend whose son was also an addict.  This friend is very active in atTAck addiction and a member of the PEP Team. Her ability and compassion about assisting families who are dealing with this disease in their lives has helped me greatly. I have tried al-anon and, although helpful, the meetings just didn’t fit well for me.  My son has been to over 25 rehabs in his 15 years of addiction but relapse is a big part of the disease.  My friend, acting in her capacity of a  PEP team member realized, as parents, there were days that we struggle, harder than our son, from the consequences of his addiction. She offered to help in any way that we were comfortable to accept.  I knew she had knowledge of how to support families and was able to find different options to help us and my son when we needed it.  She never gave me unsolicited advice, only encouraged me to find my higher power wherever I can. I accepted her help and am grateful she gave me an opportunity to open up.  She encouraged me to “stay on my side of the street” when issues arise and I feel overwhelmed.  She went so far as to come to my house when I asked during a few particularly rough times to talk with my son and occasionally has been able to convince him to make the good choice of going with her to a detox.   She sends me texts often to be sure I am ok and I breathe a little easier when she does.  I know from her actions she is here to listen and/or offer support to assist my son and my family.  I know I can trust her to talk with me during some of our deepest struggles.  She never criticizes my actions or feelings.  When my son begins on a good path but my fears are not, she reminds me “progress, not perfection”. So very true.


This disease affects families because of the stigma and lack of resources when they don’t know where to turn.  The PEP Team  is part of a growing number of support groups that are available anytime, day or night, to aid and assist struggling families.  It is a passion they feel strongly about.  A support person is more than willing and able to help shoulder some of the heartache with family and friends of addicts and find ways to comfortably deal with the horrors they face daily.   They have lived experinces so they have walked in our shoes.  This PEP Team member was there to offer her hand in support, to walk with us through finding help, comfort, reassurance and aid during the worst times in our life. 

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